UM so apparently, Pamela Des Barres said Jimmy Page made her come 20 times in 20 minutes. 

Is that possible. Is this real life (She said it in a documentary.)

"I’ve met her, actually. She didn’t do me no… didn’t have enough plaster on her, she’d have needed a lorryload. You’d think she’d be this tough rock chick and she’s quite quiet and shy. I’m surprised anyone agrees to do it, because next to Jimi Hendrix’s massive one anybody else’s is going to come in second, or maybe a bad fourth. I’d imagine it’s pretty hard to do: you might get a hard-on OK, but when it’s covered in plaster I’d imagine the hard-on goes off pretty quick, unless you’re really into shagging plaster."

- Jarvis Cocker talking about Cynthia Plaster Caster. (via johnmayallandthebluesbreakers)

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